Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Online Shopping

I have mixed feelings about online shopping. And in order to be a true Gilmore Girls fan, I must explain why using a pro-con list.

  • No one else - very few other people will have it
  • You can get stuff cheap
  • It's stuff you couldn't get in the store
  • You can't try on clothes
  • It can be a hassle to return things, if you can even return them
  • Sometimes just going to the store can get you a better deal on something
See, I want new pants, right? And I was looking online at American Eagle, which I realize isn't the best place to get jeans, but I have a really hard time finding pants that fit, and a friend of mine who is about the same size told me she got a pair there that fits her perfectly. So I found 2 pairs of pants that I want:

The only thing is that they only have my size online. NO stores within 400 miles carry them, according to their online locator thing which is usually pretty accurate in my experience. And I don't even know if the pink would look good on me, you know? I mean, I can always return it, but it's just such a hassle.

Perhaps I'll consult ma mere later... for now I have a birthday party to go to. Speaking of, I had a great time at the beach. The waves were incredibly rough though, never seen anything like it. I almost drowned, I'd say honestly about 20, 25 times. And I did get a little sunburned, but it wasn't bad at all luckily. And my hair is a lot lighter now from the beach water and the sun. It's awesome :)

Outfit posts tomorrow or the next day, at the very latest Saturday. I'm very busy lately. I haven't even had time to work out. :( I'm really behind on my training.

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Anonymous said...

gilmore girls fan as well? - man you have taste!

i'm all for the pros..