Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heat makes me reaaaallly slooww...

I should really do a REAL outfit post soon. I promise I will by August. :p The thing is, all my new things, I don't even have in my closet right now. See, I don't want to wear them a hundred times now in the summer, so that when school starts I feel like they're old and icky. So I'm having my mom keep them in the bags in her closet! At least until August. I feel like I dress so "summer" all the time. You know - lazy, boring. Shorts + t-shirt. Shorts + vneck. Shorts + tank. Yaaaay. x.X

Well, this is what I wore the other day. The short sweater is part of a twin set my mom had from the old days. I've got the matching cardigan in my closet, but I left her the matching pants. Apparently, twin sets were all the rage back in her day. I prefer to mix and match though. Anyways, I wore this around the house, but I had to change to go have lunch with my grandpa. (Haha!)

Sweater- was my mom's
Shorts- were a gift
I wasn't wearing anything else... no jewelry, and no shoes. I like going barefoot.

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Tariro said...

Cute shorts! And i love the cardigan