Monday, July 6, 2009

Inky Pinky

Remember my clean, organized closet post? Well, it's a mess again. I decided to finally take all of the clothes from my mom's closet up to mine (the ones she doesn't wear, I mean, the cool old ones that I like) so now my room and my closet are in a jumble once again.

As always... click the pic to make it bigger!
Used-to-be-Mom's pink jacket
Used-to-be-Mom's black slip
Plain old black tights
Black ballet flats, Forever 21, $8

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acapriciouscollection said...

i just hyped this on lookbook (sadly not a member, but now your look will be on my tumblr - huzzah!) - i'm all for supporting the newbies - and i totally decided to cyber stalk you just a bit more - can you hear my heavy breathing?!?!

just want to say love it all and pretty sure anyone who loves hp and fashion and online shopping (oh my god its so good) is my new best friend!

i look forward to checking up every now and then :)

(re-reading this i sound like a freak... i swear.. it's not like that! ahhah)

Malicious Mallory said...

Haha! Thanks for the hype & checking out my blog! I hope you do check back every once in awhile - if you look to the right you can follow me on bloglovin or subscribe to my feed. :) Or if there's some other way you want to follow, I can add it for you :P