Monday, July 20, 2009

Update: Metallic Oxfords

I'm not going to get them. Not right now at least. I decided that my bookbag is enough metallic for one outfit, and therefore I couldn't wear them to school without feeling all matchy-matchy, which I hate. So, I am just going to at least wait until I can try them on in the store, and then if I'm overcome with love, I'll buy them.

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fmmp said...

Hello! Your hair is lovely as well. Is it your own? Or do you straighten it.. I straighten my hair sometimes to get it like that, so you're very lucky! You should try a separation in the middle (I can't really think of the name so I translated it how we call it in dutch..) I hope you know what I mean.. Like a hippie thing.. I want to grow my hair like that so I can wear it like a hippie.. but it takes a lot of patience! Thanks for commenting!