Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Now that I've returned from my trip, let me tell you what I have brought back! Here's two of the 771 photos that we took... We got to the shopping center too early, so we were wandering around with the camera for an hour until we realized H&M was open at 11, and we didn't want to go put the camera back, so I have a bundle of photos from that day.

7 dresses
5 skirts
2 pairs of shorts
2 shirts
3 pairs of tights
a new bookbag for school
& some misc. accessories

I was in H&M for literally two and a half hours, left for lunch, and came back for another half hour. (You must remember though, that I've NEVER been to H&M before.) I LOVE H&M.
Then another day I hit up some vintage stores, but I only ended up getting two dresses, which I am not sure are really vintage, because the store they were from was sort of weird like that. Whatever, they're cute.
And while I was at the vintage stores, right down the block was American Apparel!!!!! I love their stuff and I didn't even know there was one where I was. I'd never been there before either. I got my new bookbag there along with some tights and a skirt. I was going to post a pic of the bag, but it's not on their website. Well, it's silver and shiny and even cooler and more awesome than sliced bread. I'll post a pic of mine eventually, probably when I'm using it for school. For now, dinner and naptime. :P

(In that pic, wearing an old aerie shirt, pacsun jeans, mom's old coasters, light years necklace, & old fossil purse. I don't know where the cami's from, it doesn't really matter.)

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