Sunday, July 5, 2009

A peek into the closet...

I organized my closet a week or two ago, and it's just amazing!! I hadn't been able to see the floor in years. I was just a MESS. I was tired of it. So, three days (not kidding, it took 3 days!!) of extremely tiring work, here is the result! (Actually, these pics are from yesterday, so it's stayed clean too! :) )
It's not huge to begin with. Yes, I have a stereo in my closet. I like it because it records tapes off CDs. I like tapes.
Start off with all my shirts. Organized currently: tank tops and camis to the right, then short sleeve v-neck, short sleeve t-shirts that I care enough about to hang up instead of fold, short sleeve shirts, cardigans and jackets and then long sleeved shirts. When it gets cold I'll rearrange.
My band tee's get a special section, because most of them, like this Dylan Gilbert one, are signed.
Dresses over here... there's a lot packed in there that you can't see,
but I don't have nearly as many dresses as I'd like. I love dresses.
Above the dresses are my bags... They fit up there because I put bags in bags on top of bags. It's hard to get stuff up and down from there without knocking it all over.
This I've used for years to organize my earrings. They're by color then type. Also keep some bracelets and necklaces in there, although the ones I wear a lot usually end up thrown on the desk or the bathroom counter.
And last but not least, shoes! This isn't all of them, some of them are in the kitchen making my parents angry. And some are hidden by the t-shirts. My favorites seen here are the white coasters in the front, the navy satin vans in front of them, and the gray chucks in the corner. I used to dislike lowtops, but I like those a lot. They're torn up though because I skateboarded in them in middle school. (All my chucks are ollld. Those purple ones? They've had mismatch laces since 7th grade. I've still got the other laces, but I'm just too lazy to switch them back, and I still kind of like it.)

So there you have it. My whole wardrobe. I don't have any dressers or anything. It's a little sad, especially considering I dislike most of the stuff in there.


Sylvia said...

Yay, I love looking into people's closets! And yours is an organized one, too. You did a really good job with it. I like your band tee collection and those dresses look really cute!

Malicious Mallory said...

Thanks! :D