Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is it just me, or is online browsing more fun than actually buying things?

Because if you buy something, and don't like it in real life, or it doesn't fit... well, then it's no fun. Like these dresses, I love all of them and would take them to the dressing room, but I might not actually buy them in the store. But online, I just have to guess at how it'll look on me, and what size to get. Anyways, I would wear all of these dresses to school and out, theoretically.

All from Modcloth. My top 3 of these would be...
Row 1, 2nd from left
Row 2, first one
Row 3, middle

Any suggestions on good places to look for dresses (or any clothes) online?

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Miss Muller said...

i love all these dresses !