Wednesday, June 24, 2009

F21 wishlist: DRESSES

I thought it was Thursday.
It's Wednesday.
Even after having an entire conversation with my mother based on the fact that it is Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. So now, my week has an extra day in it that I wasn't expecting.

I absolutely adooooore dresses. And also, as you can see, I love floral prints. I'm also big on navy and gray, but purple makes its appearances too.

Simpler ones go lovely with anything, so I love having them in my closet. Which I organized today (or over the past 3 days, rather)

I like this color of blue, and I like flowers :D

Again, love flowers, and I saw the one on the right in the store, and it's very cute

Changing it up, but still floral :P

There! One that's not floral OR navy! :P

I love florals, but I'm not a fan of strapless. However I think this dress is cuute. So just put a cardigan over it! :P

The 2 dresses I bought earlier this month at F21:

I adore both of them, but unfortunately the navy one doesn't look flattering when I wear a strapless bra, so I can only wear it with a cardigan, and I don't have one that looks cute with it that's summery (the one time I wore it I borrowed a friend's cardigan) so I either have to buy a new cardigan or wait until it's colder. Of course, I was planning on getting more cardigans anyways. But still, it's upsetting.
Both of them are pretty short though. And that's odd, considering how short I am.

After I get back from my big birthday shopping spree in July (my b-day's in September, but the shopping is in July), I'm going to take all my leftover cash and go to F21, and try on every dress and buy every cute one. Their dresses are cheap, so I think I can do it.

I much prefer dresses to pants. Don't get me wrong, I love jeans, but as I said before, I adooore dresses. If I could, I'd wear one every day. Except I hate repeating dresses. I try to wait as long as possible before repeating unless I'm changing something majjoor about how I wore it. Usually, for school, I'll wear a dress once a year. I haven't broken that rule yet actually. Maybe next year/

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