Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. OMG. Shoes.

I have decided that without a pair of white Doc Martens I will surely die. I'm currently watching an ebay auction on them, but if it gets too high I'll have to try another time.
I considered pink or blue, but those are just too difficult to coordinate and I would end up rarely wearing them. I also thought about black, but that's a little bit too dark for me, you know? I like black ones in general, just not for me. Actually, I like almost all Doc Martens in general.

And I was surfing the Urban Outfitters website today too. I saw some shoes I like there as well....

Yes, I know that those are black, but they're not quite as much as DMs are. And I like the striped ones just because they're plain but not plain. Does that make sense at all? Probably not.

I will leave you with this video which I just thought of, that I haven't seen in probably three years. It's about shoes. (There's a little skit at the beginning, if you want to skip it, just go ahead to 1:00) ALSO! There's some profanity. So if you're concerned, I would maybe turn your volume down so it's quieter or something.

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