Wednesday, June 24, 2009

F21 wishlist: DRESSES

I thought it was Thursday.
It's Wednesday.
Even after having an entire conversation with my mother based on the fact that it is Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. So now, my week has an extra day in it that I wasn't expecting.

I absolutely adooooore dresses. And also, as you can see, I love floral prints. I'm also big on navy and gray, but purple makes its appearances too.

Simpler ones go lovely with anything, so I love having them in my closet. Which I organized today (or over the past 3 days, rather)

I like this color of blue, and I like flowers :D

Again, love flowers, and I saw the one on the right in the store, and it's very cute

Changing it up, but still floral :P

There! One that's not floral OR navy! :P

I love florals, but I'm not a fan of strapless. However I think this dress is cuute. So just put a cardigan over it! :P

The 2 dresses I bought earlier this month at F21:

I adore both of them, but unfortunately the navy one doesn't look flattering when I wear a strapless bra, so I can only wear it with a cardigan, and I don't have one that looks cute with it that's summery (the one time I wore it I borrowed a friend's cardigan) so I either have to buy a new cardigan or wait until it's colder. Of course, I was planning on getting more cardigans anyways. But still, it's upsetting.
Both of them are pretty short though. And that's odd, considering how short I am.

After I get back from my big birthday shopping spree in July (my b-day's in September, but the shopping is in July), I'm going to take all my leftover cash and go to F21, and try on every dress and buy every cute one. Their dresses are cheap, so I think I can do it.

I much prefer dresses to pants. Don't get me wrong, I love jeans, but as I said before, I adooore dresses. If I could, I'd wear one every day. Except I hate repeating dresses. I try to wait as long as possible before repeating unless I'm changing something majjoor about how I wore it. Usually, for school, I'll wear a dress once a year. I haven't broken that rule yet actually. Maybe next year/

behind the times - calvin klein

No, CK's not behind the times, I am. Because I just heard about this:

This "borderline pornographic" ad has been replaced with a boring one. I don't really have anything to say about it that hasn't been said, so it's a waste of posting it, but whatevs.
one of the numerous articles about it~ click

More posts to come, but I'm going to the beach for the weekend, so not until after that - hopefully a bundle of new outfit posts

Monday, June 22, 2009

Guess who got a lookbook!!

That's right, yours truly finally got an invite!! :D
If you want one, perhaps you could comment here or e-mail me, or do one of the other numerous things to contact me which can be found to the right.

I haven't put up any pictures, because I don't have any good ones yet. I'm gunna work on that. But here's the linkity-link:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Funny T-Shirts, Cute T-Shirts, Random T-Shirts = Must Haves

All of the following can be found @ Threadless
Click the pictures to make them big!
It's just funny, so I want it. Just to wear once. :p I have a t-shirt from a skit that I was in, and it says "I LOVE MALLORY" ... I did indeed wear it to school once. And later, my friend told me that her brother (who has a class with me, but we don't talk) said I was a weirdo. Haha!! Everyone would read it out loud too... " ..I .. love .. Mallory ..?" -- "Awww, thanks!!" Haha, I'm serious!
I like cool t-shirts like this. (Loy Valera "Krayis")

This kid is a cutie. It says "Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends"

This lion has glasses. It's cool random stuff like this that make my day.

Iceberg playing with boats and subs :D

Skyscrapers ~

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

A picture of a sign with a picture of a t-shirt that says "You are here" - the hiker is shocked. The kid is adorable.

Nothing rhymes with orange.
(Once, we asked a little boy who was telling us rhyming words, "What about orange?"
"Hmm... morange and gorange and splorange!"
What a cutie!!!)

"Books are good for you"
You've really gotta digest your books.


Lemon Aid
(so clever)

"Back in my day..." says the cassette tape to the iPod.


Attack of Literacy!

Bear Hugs Are Often Fatal. :O


I like giraffes. So I like this shirt.
And I like this one too.
I do love t-shirts. The ones I really want after doing this are:
  • Bear Hugs
  • Lemon Aid
  • Cassette Tape/ iPod
  • The lion with glasses

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stylish Person

I started browsing around on a few different sites today, Lookbook was one of them... I've seen some of Wendy B's pics on Chictopia ( CoedUgly) already. I really quite like her style. It's very girly but still says "I'm up for anything" which is similar to what I'm going for myself. I also think that she pulls of hats very well! Unfortunately, I don't think I can do that.
What I really like about her style is that all the individual pieces go well together, but they're not "matchy-matchy" - it's a new way of putting together outfits. I'm sure you won't see anyone else who owns the same things wearing them how Wendy does. (Unless they're copying her, of course :p)

My favorite outfit above: the one at the top - so cute! I want a skirt like that.
Best pairing above: the middle picture. Also love those shoes!
Best bag: the blue one :)

Those aren't all of her cute outfits, but I didn't want to put them all in my picture, because that's too much work for lazy old me. So visit her lookbook @

Also, during my browsing I came upon BLOGLOVIN. Which of course I've heard about, but I didn't realize how handy it is! I'm following a ton of blogs on there now, and it's time for me to ask YOU to follow mine! Just look over on the right sidebar, it's the last link on it - "Follow my blog with bloglovin' " as well as other ways to follow.

Do you guys have any other requests for ways to follow?

Update: Friendly the friendly dog

Friendly has now been picked up by someone from the Jack Russell Terrier rescue group! :D They are going to foster her until someone else comes along who would like to adopt her. :) (Which shouldn't be long, seeing as she's 1. a puppy, 2. adorable, 3. sweet as can be, 4. adooooooorable)
So YAY for Friendly!! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I got an email from American Eagle, so I checked out their clearance section... more things for the wishlist!

Both of those are "Chino" -- AE Destroyed Chino Shorty Shorts and AE Boyfriend Chino. Really, I just want some pink pants that are still wearable.
And I've been on a kick about shorts lately. It's really weird, because I've never been a big fan of shorts in general. This year I actually bought a few pairs of shorts, not athletic shorts, and I've been wearing them even to school when it got hot enough. For the last few years, I haven't had any nonathletic shorts to wear honestly. But now they're starting to grow on me!

Friendly the friendly dog

I didn't post yesterday because I was very busy. A little dog followed my brother home when he went for a run!Friendly the Friendly Dog Who Wants to be Your Friend
As you can see, she is (a girl, for one thing) a little Jack Russell Terrier. She is absolutely adorable!! The sweetest little thing I ever did see. I put up flyers all around the 4 neighborhoods closest to us. (Which, of course, have been rained on overnight.) But unfortunately, a man did tell me that he kept her the night before, and it really appears that she was dumped by her owner. There are absolutely no reports of a dog like her listed missing online or at any of the local vets. We have tooons of things up online at all of the sites for Found Pets and stuff. We've even called some people who's descriptions seemed somewhat like her, even though they were from months and months ago, but none of them are her. :(

I would LOOOVE to keep her, but we really can't. I have 8 pets at my house, plus fish. 2 dogs and 6 cats. I absolutely love her, and it's really really stressing me out. I really really don't want to take her to the shelter or anything like that! We have contacted the Jack Russell Terrier rescue group, but they've told us that they can't help us because they're already too busy, and they want us to foster her until they have space, which I would totally be willing to do. But my mother does not want that to happen. Right now, Friendly is out in the garage, we have not let her in to the house, but she has met our 2 dogs. My mom is afraid that Friendly might hurt our kitties, so that's why she doesn't want to keep her, even for a little while. (My mom does think she's the cutest little thing though.)

If anyone reads this, and wants Friendly (which is what we've been calling her, but obviously you can change her name), please send me an email using the address to the right ASAP -->
She loves jogging/running, absolutely loves it, and she also loves to go on walks. She likes to sit in your lap (it is soooooo cute) and is now flea and tick free thanks to the lovely bath we gave her and her new flea collar. She would be ideal for anyone who wants a pet to play with, she has tons of energy. You can take her with you on jogs and walks if you're trying to stay in shape, it's good motivation! :D ("I have to take out Friendly, so I can't slack off my workout routine!")

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Discoveries part 2

I finally checked out the Topshop website today...

So here are some outfits I put together... I'm bored today; it's raining, and our trip to the water park was cancelled. I guess the "theme" is pink dresses...
Just looking at them my favorite is the last one, but it's hard to say what they would look like all together on a person, you know.

It would be really cool to live in London. Or Europe at all. Anyways, I'm going to go eat lunch... yes I realize it's 2:30. I haven't eaten yet, I feel kind of sick. :( SOOO, have a good day, tata for now. (Tigger was always my favorite.)

New Discoveries

My mother sent me a lovely email... I'll show you what it said.

This looks like your style. Unfortunately, there are no stores anywhere near us. They are mostly located in Canada.

P.S. No. Absolutely not. No road trip to Canada.

Isn't she thoughtful? We're planning a road trip, but she has already ruled out Canada and Mexico. Haha!

Unfortunately, I quite like the stuff at Aritzia, but they do not appear to have any kind of online shop. Just their lookbook. Here are my favorites~

Did I do a good job on the image? It took forever. Haha!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apropos of Myself

"It is my belief... that the truth is generally preferable to lies." - Albus Dumbledore, J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I love this quote because it totally explains my view on life. I hate lying and I hate liars. Even about dumb little things - especially about dumb little things actually! If I ask you if you think my hair looks okay, and you think it looks awful, then I want you to tell me that! I don't want to walk around all day looking frumpy. I want to find the nearest bathroom and fix it or put it in a ponytail. If you think I'm being rude, then tell me! Geez.

Liars really get on my nerves. But anywho, Harry Potter is really great. I mean, really. It's just fantastic. I never would have thought it - in fact, when I was little, I refused to read Harry Potter just to be a rebel. I never actually got around to it until the movies came out and I liked them. But I can honestly say I love Harry Potter. I'd trade places with Hermione any day, even if it meant I had to be a study freak. Haha!

You bet I'm psyched for the newest movie coming out. You bet I was mad when it got moved to this summer when it was scheduled to come out in the winter! And you bet I'm considering going to a midnight show on opening night. Haha, I really am considering it.

2 of My Favorite Etsy Shops

IMYOURPRESENT : She makes super cute dresses, skirts and jumpers. I might cave in and buy something like this jumper soon, but they're a little expensive for me seeing as I have no job at the moment.

Hide & Seek Clothing : I'm really in love with this cardigan. I just want one for my very own! The designs are really funny and random, which is totally my thing. I mean, come on, look at the little elephant! He grew to be with the giraffe!! Awww


Back from the library! I didn't find any good books really. I got the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and A Murder, a Mystery and a Marriage both by Mark Twain. And a book of magic tricks just for fun.
I didn't have a list of books I wanted with me, and the library didn't have any suggestions on books that I could find - no reading lists or book clubs or anything! It was quite annoying. Next time I'll need to bring a list.

Also, I drove a stick shift car to the library! For the first time! It was difficult to get started, but then it was no problemo.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

outfit post #1

This was from the day of my math exam, which I found out yesterday I did quite well on. The shorts are rolled up capris that used to be my mother's, and the shoes are also from her closet. (Well, they were, but now they're in mine.) The t-shirt is an old one from Delia*s, and I made the bracelets a while ago.
The bag in the second picture I got in the mail. I don't know where it came from!! I love it though. I used it to carry the few things I needed for exams, so I didn't have to carry my whole messenger.

Good Day

BDG Sheer Cardigan

Lucy Love Cabana Blue Dress

Natural Canvas TOMS

As far as bags go, I’d say a simple tote bag or a clutch. I suppose you could also do a canvas messenger if you need a bigger bag. I’m a big fan of this outfit right now. I might need to go to the store and get that dress. Hopefully it's not too long.

(Good Day by the Click Five is stuck in my head, thus the title)