Friday, July 24, 2009

What I'M loving for fall

Although fall doesn't officially start until the end of September, most students like me, consider it to start on the first day of school. Which is in August. (You know, I just recently realized I have a summer birthday! I always thought it was fall, but it's not technically!) Seeing as school/"fall" is starting in less than a month :( :( :( ... I figured I'd say what I'm loving for (and will be sporting to) school.

Dark wash jeans & destroyed jeans; but not super-skinny. Straight or a looser fitting skinny is good, perhaps even a bootcut.

Ankle boots - everyone's loving them, and I'm no exception! I love my Doc Martens, and all those high heel ankle boots running around that I don't have any of... (Mainly because it's not practical for me. I hate wearing heels to school. I can walk in them just fine, and I actually love wearing them, just for school, I hate it. And I don't care enough on weekends to get them for then. :P) Also, I'm into OXFORDS as always.

Cardigans! I think they're a great year-round thing. Lightweight or heavier depending on the weather, I think both are good for fall. But I really like COLORS on cardigans right now. In particular I like darker (autumn) colors... forest-y green, dark purple, or dark blue/navy. A leafy orange or red would be good too...

Tiiiights~ they're so great for when it's cold, but you want to wear that short skirt (or even some shorts). I honestly can say that my tights keep me warmer than jeans. And what I really like for fall is patterned tights, of all different kinds. I think I've got ...(counting in my head)...8 pairs of patterned tights right now, plus basic skin tone and black ones are always in.

High-waisted shorts and skirts. I've always liked high waisted skirts, but for fall I'm also loving the 2 pairs of shorts I got at H&M. You'll see them soon enough! And you can pair them with just about anything~. I plan to wear skirts more than pants this year, especially in the fall.

Vintage... jewelry! Bracelets and necklaces, and even earrings. Classically vintage things - pocket watches, roses, trains, lockets, in classically vintage colors, silver, gold, copper, bronze, or a Victorian pink or ivory.

Nails! For fall, I love the french manicure (and pedicure too!). I'm planning on doing that for the first week of school. You guys haven't seen any pics of my nails, but I always do crazy-awesomesauce things. I haven't quite decided what to do past my first simple, chic french mani. (I love doing my nails... my favorite was for this last Earth week, I painted the earth on my nails, as in blue and green, but I shaped it so you could see specific countries. I only had space for Europe and Asia mostly. It sounds weird describing it.. I wish I had pics.)

Oh, also, high socks. Just showing above your ankle boots, or knee or thigh length. Loving those.

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