Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Polka dotted sock and speckled sock both Hue
I'm still waiting for the cold weather so I can wear socks and tights and sweaters all the time. It rained on Sunday and Monday, so I did get to wear a sweater at least, but the photos from that are actually on film. Eventually that'll be developed. Here's another picture of some of my socks to hold you over. I'm not dancing this time, but these ones are gray. Mmm!
It's supposed to rain some more this week, too. I love rain! It's pretty and relaxing and I can wear socks and sweaters. Can you tell how badly I want to wear socks and sweaters yet?


Allison said...

Yay socks!

Rhiannon said...

Don't you sort of love rainy days here in the south? It's bad--I just get excited because I know it will cool off for a few hours and I have an excuse to wear a coat.

I had no idea Hue even made socks but now I want to track down that polka dot pair!! So cute.

S + Y said...

Ha, so I'm not the only one!!! The weather here in Montreal has been so weird lately... rainy, humid ant high 20's. I'm sick of waiting for REAL fall to arrive!


freesia said...

Nice post!! love socks , im still waiting too!!!