Friday, September 24, 2010

A Vacant Town

Thrifted button up top, Kimchi Blue lace skirt, Kimchi Blue lace up boots, my dad's socks, gifted vintage spoon ring
Even though I go through slumps just like everyone else, I'm really loving all the pieces in my wardrobe now. I feel like it's becoming more adhesive and everything fits me well (physically and emotionally). Take these boots, for example. I really love these guys. The idea of boots, especially laceups, is more rugged and adventurous, and I definitely could do some major adventuring in them. But they're a solid black, and super light weight, so they're easy to wear and seem pretty classic. Basically, they've got the feminine/vintage/edgy mix down.
It's just really nice to have a closet full of things that work together rather than random or unreasonably eclectic items. You know what I mean?

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