Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soon Enough

Vintage/DIY shorts, Walmart top, K-mart sandals, my mother's class ring as necklace, my class ring

When I first got dressed, I thought this was just an average outfit, whatever. But once I got to school I felt very 90's. And I couldn't decide if that was good or not. Also I had my hair half braided, but not in these pictures. Anyways, here's my lovely class ring. Sapphire is my birth stone and it is the closest of the choices to lapis, which is one of my school colors. Everyone says I lucked out on that.


S + Y said...

Oooh, what a lovely ring!! This outfit is so simple yet so chic at the same time. Love the high waisted shorts!!


Front Row Mode said...

Loving the look



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Nav said...

such a cute look!



High Fashion Whore said...

Yeah it is quite 90's but I LOVE 90's looks; the high waisted shorts in bold patterns. LOOOOOVE it.