Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tickled Pink

Unknown dress that I've had for ages, Cooperative oxfords

Can you tell how windy it was? I'm trying to keep myself from being too monotonous and wearing black and white all the time. So I brightened up a bit with a lovely "Pepto Bismol" or "Cotton Candy" pink, both of which I heard throughout the day. I toned it down with my black and white oxfords and a black belt, though. The dress wasn't the most comfortable thing in my closet, but it was fine for a day.


S + Y said...

Ahhh PINK DRESS!!! Love how you toned it down with oxfords!!


deanna said...

love this outfit! the colour of your dress is STUNNING!
I wanted to tell you that I gave you the sunshine blog award on my blog, because I think your blog is so lovely! haha how many times have I said blog!

Allison said...

dude, that dress was MADE for you.
who needs comfort when you look so good! haha