Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Somewhere down the road someday

Bob Dylan t-shirt from the concert last summer, H&M dress as skirt, vintage belt, vintage granny boots, navy socks
Let's just take a minute to appreciate my amazing t-shirt tucking skills. This is no skirt, it's a dress, which means I folded up my men's large Bob Dylan shirt and tucked it inside of itself and into this belt. I've gotta earn some points for that because it was impressive. (I thought so at least.) My calculus teacher told me I looked really cute, too. As for me, I was pretty pleased with this outfit. I liked it when I was wearing it yesterday, and I still like it now. Even though it doesn't have any black in it, I like it! That's saying something right there. I'd go on, but I've got some Music Theory to do. I'll leave you with a group shot of the girls who took pictures with me yesterday.

(Allison, Cheyenne, me, Kayla)

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Allison said...

so.. I officially love this post.