Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Aerie tank, H&M skirt, vintage necklace, crown ring courtesy of Jewelry Art Designs, Kimchi Blue shoes

I went thrifting today (and found two skirts and a dress that I'm going to make into a skirt) with two of my very best friends. Allison has just started fashion blogging! And Kate, in the last photo, is just amazing. These photos are thanks to them.
I stole this cardigan from my mother actually. When I got dressed, I was under the impression that it was a somewhat dreary day, so I decided to wear a sweater. Turns out it's really quite sunny! Oh well, it is super soft and I wasn't too hot in it. And these are my new shoes! I got them with some early birthday money. They were on sale, and there was only one pair left- in my size! It was totally meant to me.
But now I must go eat my family's delicious avocado salsa. Have a good evening!


My Republic of Fashion said...

Pretty outfits! Love the shoes in the 1st one. :)SarahD

Wendy said...

Love your two tone oxfords! And your friends look really fun!