Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy Day Cheer

Kimchi Blue dress, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Kimchi Blue metallic oxfords, Hue socks, gifted necklace
Firstly, I'd like to talk about how excited I am that it was rainy and I could wear socks and a sweater! It's fantastic. I'm so happy about that! The shoes weren't the best choice, because as I have mentioned before, they're falling apart. It wasn't too bad though.
Secondly, I'll apologize for the blurry pictures, but it's been raining all day. This time it's not because of my crappy camera, but because apparently cameras don't focus properly in the rain.
On another note, more related to the first, let's talk about this dress. It's been sitting in the back of my closet for a few years now. I really love it, but unfortunately, it doesn't really fit me. I re-discovered it yesterday though, and tried it on, and found that if I wore a sweater with it, it worked. You lose a bit of the assymetrical front detailing on the dress, but the overall effect is good. My mother suggested that I turn it into a skirt, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to cut up such a nice dress. Plus all the cool top part would be gone... Maybe someday I'll think of a way to do that and keep all the details, but until then I think I'll just keep as is.


S + Y said...

Love the front detailing of the dress! And your braid is so pretty!!!!


3ate4 said...

Liking the cardigan!