Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Matin du lundi

Talbots top, J. Crew skirt, vintage belt, Cooperative oxfords, pictures thanks to Kayla

I guess my top got a little untucked and disheveled during my Music Theory test or something. Oh well! I love this skirt. I can almost guarantee that it'll be overworn all fall, winter, and into the spring. The top is super comfortable too. The fabric is so soft and nice. I think ever since I started sleeping on a satin pillowcase (it's good for your hair), I've become obsessed with surrounding myself with the softest, nicest fabrics. It just makes you feel better to be wearing a light silky top rather than a heavy cotton one. I've even been considering switching all my sheets to satin...



Cute outfit. :)

Prad Savania said...

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katy said...

SO cute -- love those shoes!