Monday, August 23, 2010

You Stop, Life Moves On

H&M skirt, super old American Eagle button up, handmade heart spinner necklace by chinacherie via Etsy, K-mart sandals

It's Monday. I slept for a long, long time this weekend, but I am still exhausted. Here is an atypical lazy Monday at school outfit. I never wear this shirt. I've shown it once before on the blog, but in general it's not a favorite in my wardrobe. It's mega comfy though. And I love my $10 K-mart sandals. I get tons of compliments on them- no one knows the truth! ...except you guys.
About an hour after these shots (thanks Allison & Norah!), during the middle of practice, it started pouring rain. I like the rain (although I hate driving in heavy rains like today). Rain gives me a lovely excuse to play Steel Train loudly and wear sweaters in the summertime (I've changed into a nice warm sweater). I want to find the socks I've been missing for the last few weeks, and steal another pair of my father's that I've had my eye on. Hopefully socks will be involved tomorrow. Or at least a sweater. It's supposed to cool down by several degrees.
Here is a delicious dessert I made with one of my best friends. We baked brownies, then two minutes before they were done, took them out, put marshmellows on top, and finished baking. The marshmellows fluffed out like smores over the brownies - it tasted heavenly!


Britty said...

love your outfit the "ladylike" skirt is soo nice

yummy brownie!!!

Marie said...

So brittish, i love the outfit !!

Petite Annabel said...

Cute style, I like your smile :D