Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Target v-neck, H&M skirt, Kimchi Blue metallic oxfords, alligator ring from a boutique in Muscle Shoals, thumb ring a gift from Cairo, vintage watch

I went for both of my go-to items today: my comfy gray v-neck and my favorite black skirt. Come to think of it, all THREE go-to's - my metallic oxfords, too!
I couldn't find my men's dress socks that I wanted to wear, which is kind of upsetting to me- I need to find those soon, they're so amazingly comfy and awesome. I'm over that for now though because I love this outfit. It's nothing special but it is my three favorite things, plus my new (ish) alligator ring and a ring that one of my best friends gave me. Everything is good.
Here's my dear friend Avery, who took my photos today. I thought she looked extra cute today. She's the only person I know that rocks Wallabees with real clothes instead of sweats. Plus, I don't know if you can tell, but the stitching on the shirt (there's a word to describe it that's escaping me at the moment) is sweet.


acw said...

In the second picture, it looks like there's a homeless person sleeping in the trailer.

Allison said...

oh sorry! you should have woken me up before you took the picture!
just kidding...
mallory, you're cute.
avery, you're cute.
phew. got that over with.

paulinabelle said...

Hey Mallory! I'm actually in a small town in the mountains called Cashiers, its right outside of Highlands, I don't know if you'll know where that is! You probably live in Charlotte or something! Haha well thanks for commenting on my blog!


nice blog! love that blk skirt!!come follow me xoxo