Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am absolutely in love with Nadia's blog Frou Frouu! I know everyone already loves her, but she is the most inspiring fashion blogger I've come across on the web, so I'm going to talk about her. Besides the fact that the girl is gorgeous, she has got her own unique style that she pulls off perfectly. She knows exactly how to dress for herself. While I'd love to try out some of her outfits for a day, and of course there are many items I'd die to get from her closet (that sweater! those pants!), the way that she puts things together is only for her. No one would be able to pull off the same looks if they tried. She is the definition of "personal style."
Plus, she knows how to put together the perfect color palette. Exactly when she needs a dash of color. She rocks menswear the right way, and she knows just how much accessorizing she needs to perfect her outfit.
I'm definitely going to be pulling inspiration from Nadia during the cold weather seasons, though in small doses.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome socks and sandals combo. Inspired me too!
Check out my blog?

ViCreative said...

she's awesome.and those pictures are beautiful!!!

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