Monday, August 30, 2010

A Mighty Stranger

Thrifted top, H&M skirt, Steve Madden sandals, vintage watch
Here's an outfit from a week or so ago. Worn to school, of course. Where else do I go? I really like this top. As always with this skirt, I feel uncomfortable sitting in it due to its length, but when I wear it I just overlook that because it's really cute. Sorry my hand is blocking the detail, it wraps around. There's plenty of photos with this skirt around the blog already, though, if you care to look. By the way, this is my one vintage watch that works! It's fun to have a working watch even though I still end up looking at the clocks on the wall.


Elisabeth Isabelle said...

Cuute skirt!

Ruxandra said...

I really like the outfit.It is simple and clean, yet interesting because of the shirt's colour.