Saturday, June 20, 2009

Funny T-Shirts, Cute T-Shirts, Random T-Shirts = Must Haves

All of the following can be found @ Threadless
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It's just funny, so I want it. Just to wear once. :p I have a t-shirt from a skit that I was in, and it says "I LOVE MALLORY" ... I did indeed wear it to school once. And later, my friend told me that her brother (who has a class with me, but we don't talk) said I was a weirdo. Haha!! Everyone would read it out loud too... " ..I .. love .. Mallory ..?" -- "Awww, thanks!!" Haha, I'm serious!
I like cool t-shirts like this. (Loy Valera "Krayis")

This kid is a cutie. It says "Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends"

This lion has glasses. It's cool random stuff like this that make my day.

Iceberg playing with boats and subs :D

Skyscrapers ~

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

A picture of a sign with a picture of a t-shirt that says "You are here" - the hiker is shocked. The kid is adorable.

Nothing rhymes with orange.
(Once, we asked a little boy who was telling us rhyming words, "What about orange?"
"Hmm... morange and gorange and splorange!"
What a cutie!!!)

"Books are good for you"
You've really gotta digest your books.


Lemon Aid
(so clever)

"Back in my day..." says the cassette tape to the iPod.


Attack of Literacy!

Bear Hugs Are Often Fatal. :O


I like giraffes. So I like this shirt.
And I like this one too.
I do love t-shirts. The ones I really want after doing this are:
  • Bear Hugs
  • Lemon Aid
  • Cassette Tape/ iPod
  • The lion with glasses

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