Friday, June 12, 2009

Swollen Summer

It's summertime - finally!
Summer rocks because school is out, but at the same time, I don't get to see my friends nearly as much. Especially because my friends from school live pretty far away from me, for the most part. It's a weird school. But, anyways, it's all worth it, I need a break from all that stress from school. Everyone does.

Oh, I haven't introduced myself. Obviously, I'm Malicious Mallory. I don't know if I'm really malicious or not, I would hope not, but I probably am. It's all good though, whatever. I am a high school student in the US of A. My interests, running, music, fashion, music, movies, and did I mention music? I am a varsity athlete - yep. I do Cross Country and Track. Track really doesn't matter much to me, but I love Cross Country, no idea why really.

I like to say I can play 3 instruments, but I'm not all that great at all of them. In middle school I played the flute, and I was first chair, but I haven't picked one up since then, so I'm probably not as good. (I do have complete confidence that I could still play decently if you gave me twenty minutes though.) I also play the keyboard, but I really can't play it that well at all. I know a few songs, but I can't sight-read piano or anything. I have a hard time reading the lower notes, since I was never taught any other clefs when I was in band. And then I play guitar, which is my favorite and the one I practice most often. I'm still not all that good, but I plan to get really good at it this summer.

I am really into fashion, more of the vintage-y look lately. I'll post some fashion pictures up here mostly. I love to look at fashion/style blogs to get ideas, and I hate buying things that aren't on sale. The last thing I bought was a cute sleeveless sweater dress from Urban Outfitters on sale for $10. I'll see if I can find a picture of it online. mother just announced that my grades just came in the mail. I'll get back to you on that.

Also, I could not find a picture of the sweater dress online. I looked through literally 900 items on the "sale - clothing" tab, but I didn't see it. I'll just have to post a picture of me wearing it later, in the fall.

Hopefully that was a good introduction for you. Now you know some things about me, not everything, though. You have to keep reading the blog to find out more! ;) I'm more interesting than I seem. Anyways, like I was saying: it's summer! It's actually been summer for awhile, 10 days actually. But it didn't feel like it, because I was so busy! The first day of summer I had a party to go to, plus the rest of the day was spent... cleaning my room, ugh. Then the second day, my big brother graduated, so we spent the whole day doing graduation stuff. I have a lot of friends in the class of 2009, so I'm going to miss them dearly. (I think I can honestly say I have more friends his age than my brother does, although that's not much of an accomplishment.)

On the third day of summer, a few of my friends and I started a fast. We decided, for whatever bizarre reasons, that we should do a cleansing/detoxifiying raw foods fast for 4 days. This was going to help us with our summer somehow- so we could start fresh I suppose. It wasn't that hard to do, since we were still eating - and eating a lot - but it didn't really seem to help us out very much. ... It was fun though, we kept busy.

And now we're at today, where I have nothing to do. Actually, I did make a Things I Want To Do This Summer list. But I haven't done very many of them. I'll post it tomorrow maybe. Now it's lunch time though. I'll leave you with the Bravery's Swollen Summer. I bolded the parts that describe my summer/life. You know. Whatever.

Downtown in the shade
Staring at the sunshine in my face
Telling me to come and hide, come and play
I'm telling you the sun never goes away
And all I do is talk, talk, talk all day
I'm talking my life away

I'm staring at the sun again
Till everything's fading

It's like a swollen summer
What if I'm getting dumber?
What if I'm just in denial?
What if they come and cop my style?

Downtown in the clear
All I know is nothing ever changes here
And I know there's no excuse and no defense
But my summertime never ends.

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