Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friendly the friendly dog

I didn't post yesterday because I was very busy. A little dog followed my brother home when he went for a run!Friendly the Friendly Dog Who Wants to be Your Friend
As you can see, she is (a girl, for one thing) a little Jack Russell Terrier. She is absolutely adorable!! The sweetest little thing I ever did see. I put up flyers all around the 4 neighborhoods closest to us. (Which, of course, have been rained on overnight.) But unfortunately, a man did tell me that he kept her the night before, and it really appears that she was dumped by her owner. There are absolutely no reports of a dog like her listed missing online or at any of the local vets. We have tooons of things up online at all of the sites for Found Pets and stuff. We've even called some people who's descriptions seemed somewhat like her, even though they were from months and months ago, but none of them are her. :(

I would LOOOVE to keep her, but we really can't. I have 8 pets at my house, plus fish. 2 dogs and 6 cats. I absolutely love her, and it's really really stressing me out. I really really don't want to take her to the shelter or anything like that! We have contacted the Jack Russell Terrier rescue group, but they've told us that they can't help us because they're already too busy, and they want us to foster her until they have space, which I would totally be willing to do. But my mother does not want that to happen. Right now, Friendly is out in the garage, we have not let her in to the house, but she has met our 2 dogs. My mom is afraid that Friendly might hurt our kitties, so that's why she doesn't want to keep her, even for a little while. (My mom does think she's the cutest little thing though.)

If anyone reads this, and wants Friendly (which is what we've been calling her, but obviously you can change her name), please send me an email using the address to the right ASAP -->
She loves jogging/running, absolutely loves it, and she also loves to go on walks. She likes to sit in your lap (it is soooooo cute) and is now flea and tick free thanks to the lovely bath we gave her and her new flea collar. She would be ideal for anyone who wants a pet to play with, she has tons of energy. You can take her with you on jogs and walks if you're trying to stay in shape, it's good motivation! :D ("I have to take out Friendly, so I can't slack off my workout routine!")

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