Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Monday is the best day of the week

1. My best friend and I hang out all day! After school, I mean. It is amazing. <3 And it works out fabulously that both of our names start with M and so does Monday.
2. The Big Bang Theory comes on. As well as How I Met Your Mother.
3. I have guitar lessons on Mondays :)
4. I'm usually not too far behind on schoolwork for the week yet.
5. I almost always go out to eat on Mondays. I used to frequent this one particular mexican restaurant every Monday with my mother. We don't go every Monday now, but we still go there very very often. It is THE best mexican food in the world. They know me there.
6. I have usually gotten a pretty decent night of sleep in before I get up on Mondays.

That is why monday does not suck, as many people claim. It is really Thursday which is the worst. It's almost Friday but it's not close enough to taste the weekend, you know there's still a whole nother day after Thursday, but you've already gone through three other days of crap, and it's just icky.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I've always disliked Thursdays.