Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sent it off a cliff just for the spark

There's a hurricane coming, plus it's getting later in the year, so it got dark really quickly. I only had about fifteen minutes outside before it was too dark. You can see the difference in the photos too. One of them turned out bad but makes me think of those Marc by Marc Jacobs ads. You know, the ones you see in Teen Vogue with the girl in the messy room where they try to look like bad home photography (and succeed, unfortunately)? I'll try to remember to link that later.

Hush Sound shirt
Mom's old skirt
Mom's cardigan
Pocketwatch necklace ($1 at the flea market, plus a chain lying around)
Boots, thrift store $14 (the ones I was talking about before. I love them!)

1 comment:

Christina said...

love your boots! I have ones like them in brown and i wear them wayyy too much! haha