Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am indeed a lover of lists. As today is the 5th of November, I shall do lists of 5.

Things that I quite like...
1. It's almost the weekend.
2. Secret Lives of the Freemasons
3. My car (still love it just as much if not more)
4. Breakfast foods
5. Sweater weather has arrived!! And along with it, the beautiful fall colors outside. I should take a picture from my window.

Things I am not a fan of...
1. English essay due tomorrow (haven't started), English paper due next week, and over 100 pages to read for English by tomorrow (which will never happen)
2. Other miscellaneous school stresses
3. All of this stress causes me to break out. :(
4. When you're running late to school and it causes you to be stuck in traffic you'd normally miss, making you even later, and when you finally get there you have to park 4 blocks away because all the good spots are taken and then you are even later to school!
5. Losing in competitive games because someone else cheated.

Things I should be doing...
1. Writing a poetry essay
2. Taking notes for science and history
3. Cleaning my room
4. Doing math and french homework
5. Working out

Things I'm probably going to end up doing instead
1. Writing on my blog
2. Watching TV
3. Eating too much food
4. Using the internet to distract me from my schoolwork in every possible way, even though I quit facebook until Thanksgiving break, I am still fantastic at procrastinating.
5. Going to bed way before my work is done, but way too late to get a decent amount of sleep

Life goals I've recently decided I want to accomplish
1. Parkour. I want to do parkour.
2. Go to India (for at least a month)
3. Be fluent in at least one other language
4. Run a marathon
5. Save the world!

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