Friday, November 6, 2009


I feel like I've written "fall" a lot on my blog before, but now it's actually fall and it looks like fall and it's just perfect! :)
So here's some things that are filling my day to day school outfits..

  • Tights and skirts! I've been wearing a lot more skirts than dresses lately, although I'm not sure why.
  • Boots! I just bought the cutest pair of boots at a thrift store for $14, picture will come soon I'm sure. Plus I've been breaking in my Doc Martens finally.
  • Cardigans... the weather is finally getting to be PERFECT for sweaters and cardigans! I love it!
  • Super simple shirts that are not the focus of my outfits at all. It's a lot easier that way.
I need a shorter white slip to wear with this one lovely tank sweater dress I got from UO ages ago. And I need more black dresses and a black cardigan. I should add those to my list.

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stylista said...

Boots are by far my favorite part of fall!! Check out my blog at