Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You could be leaving, or we could stay

H&M top, H&M skirt, Kimchi Blue metallic oxfords, ring from Charlotte Russe

My unmade bed... it looks a lot better now than in these shots, I've got different sheets on and a blanket over the comforter. I may or may not have just thrown the comforter over the whole mess in these photos! I'm still loving the gray walls though.
I really like this big ring... in general, I tend to wear more dainty jewelry, and very little of it, but I have kind of been wanting to wear tons of rings lately. I can wear this ring on any of my fingers... I've never worn a ring on my thumb before! Usually I just wear one ring on my middle finger. Trying out something new!


JadeRose said...

That silve ring! I must have! Love it :)

Michelle Elaine said...

all of it is fab - love the ruffle details and your braid!

I saw that you commented on a recent post at "Stylish Wanderer" and I thought that you might be interested in my post where I did a DIY body chain: http://www.fvncy.com/2010/06/tied-up.html


Danielle said...

Is that a purple skirt? I like purple skirts! I don't have any though...

Malicious Mallory said...

It's actually black, but it does look a bit purple in these photos, doesn't it?
I do have a purple skirt though, a nice satin one that I DIY'd.