Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Film; most shots by Avery, last two by me

Here's some shots from my trip to the beach with Avery! The general summary: It was fanastic. We did a 500 piece puzzle, then attempted a 1000 piece that we almost finished but didn't quite have enough time to do and haunted my dreams for three nights. We made guacamole five times during the week we were there, and my famous pasta salad. We walked Avery's dog Sugar a lot, and went on a little shopping trip in town. We took an emergency trip to the little grocery store, only to find they had no tampons ("what kind of grocery store is this?!"). I read The Last Tycoon. We watched a couple movies, a few hours of crime TV, and a little Top Model. Oh yeah, and we enjoyed being out by the ocean practically all the time.

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