Friday, June 25, 2010


I've updated the blog design a bit today! What do you think? Any constructive criticism is welcome!

Recently I've begun sewing with my friends, and have made two very cute skirts so far. The big scarf I've been knitting while watching LOST is coming along nicely as well, probably due to the fact that I'm already on season 3 season 4. Considering the literally 100 degree temperatures here right now, you probably won't see that for awhile, but the skirts will probably be making appearances here very soon!

Additionally, expect more creative outfits rather than the boring black skirt + t-shirt combo I wore for much of last year. I'm trying to challenge myself a bit more as far as what I wear, so hopefully there will be some interesting things to see. (I'm even going to try to rock those paisley pants in my closet!) That'll be coming up as soon as I've posted all my old school outfits. Stay tuned!

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