Thursday, June 24, 2010

Four Horsemen

I often take inspiration from men's fashion - and there are definitely a few pieces in my closet from the men's section. Why is it that they always have the best clothes?
Here are a couple items from the Four Horsemen shop that I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe. (The above image is from their gallery as well.) Of course, they don't carry the shoes in a size small enough to fit my girl feet (a men's 6 is a little big on me) but I can always wish.


Robyn said...

I love snagging pieces from the men's section. It also makes me wish that my boyfriend dressed better, so that I could borrow his pieces. Alas, he wears khaki cargo shorts. Not going to happen.

MalloryMakesThings said...

I love finding other Mallorys! I feel like so few girls have the name, but they almost always are impeccably dressed.

-another Mallory