Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Will Buy the Flower Shop

Paisley pants from my mother, an old horseback riding shirt from my mother, DIY wooden elephant necklace

Looking at the photos now I just realized that my sleeves got unrolled somehow. Probably from trying to stand on the fence (which didn't work out). Anyways, it looked a lot cuter with the sleeves rolled up, so use your imagination, please. And I didn't wear shoes with this outfit. I go barefoot a lot during the summer.
But here I am wearing pants for once! ...and they kind of suck. At the very least, they were too hot for this weather, even though they're thin. Apparently it's 97 degrees out today. But the upside is that they have massive pockets and they're high waisted. So I'm definitely going to give both the paisley pants and the riding shirt another chance sometime - I've never worn either before.
Also, I'd like to make a request for summer playlist suggestions! What are you listening to? I need some new sounds!


Front Row Mode said...



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LUU H. said...

love the background !

Chloe and Alicia: said...

I love your blog :) ...

Here's some music suggestions:
Rabbit Heart(Raise It Up)~Florence + The Machine,
The Flood~Katie Melua,
Living In Twilight~The Weepies,
Simple Life~The Weepies,
Suicide Blond~The Weepies,
You Are The Best Thing~Ray LaMontagne,
You Really Got A Hold On Me~She And Him,
Sentimental Heart~She And Him,
Come On, Come Out~A Fine Frenzy

Hope You Like :)


Francheska said...

Love your pants!!

-Download keepsake by state radio
such a beautiful songlx