Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Easiest Cake Recipe Ever

Ruffle top - from Macy's or Dillards or somewhere like that, American Apparel skirt, vintage heels

I think I'm going to swap out the laces of these shoes with a nice ribbon, once I can find a good one. They're kind of ugly and always come untied, but a ribbon would look perfect! Anyways, let me share with you the easiest cake recipe ever- give it a try and let me know how it turned out for you!

1 box cake mix
10 oz soda
That's all! Seriously!

For a chocolate cake mix, use a dark soda like Pepsi or Coke,
for a yellow or strawberry mix, use a light soda like Sprite or Sierra Mist.
It's really that simple! Just make sure to use exactly 10 ounces of soda. (If you use too much, it will fall apart...I learned that one the hard way.)
It's always delicious!


Allison said...

look at you, being a domestic goddess! Plus 18000bajillion points.

Malicious Mallory said...

YES! Now I'm the highest ranking domestic goddess of them all.

Emma said...

ive heard of this recipe before but it seems like it would taste really weird... does it just taste like normal cake?

Malicious Mallory said...

When I tried it with Root Beer it tasted a little weird, but still good, and with all the other sodas I've tried it just tastes like normal cake! It's really good.