Friday, November 12, 2010

Flu shot

Here's a couple of outfits I created today whilst writing, or at least trying to write, college application essays before going to get a flu shot. (The stuff is all from Modcloth by the way.) I really, really want the first one right about now. I could really use a sweater this color. ...whoa, deja vu! I feel like this time last year I blogged about wanting a green sweater like that. And I still haven't gotten one! How unfortunate. ...Anyway, the second one is a bit more colorful and it's not my usual taste but I like it quite a lot.
An update on the broken camera: still broken. I got in a new piece yesterday but it turns out that wasn't the problem because it still isn't working. Argh! So frustrating!

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Fashion Me Chic said...

Cute, cute and cute. I like the first set better.

How are you sweetie?