Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Played Out

(Via Street Style Aesthetic and STREETFSN)
I submitted all of my college applications today!! Hooray!! I am not quite relieved yet though, because I haven't gotten in anywhere yet. Then I will really celebrate. For now, I'll share some of my favorite streetstyle shots from the week and blast Doncamatic (which is still stuck in my head) while I finish up my huge paper for Systems - it's worth 40% of my final grade - ahh!


Perverse Beauty said...

I leave these photos, esp. Freja. Congrats on finishing the apps! I bet you are so relieved, I know I am. Where have you applied, and what's your major?

p.s. Good luck on your final!

xx - Lera


Mimi said...

I wish I looked this cool on the street! Honestly, when I take photos for my blog, i always just looks like a regular chic!

Anyway, great pics! Good luck to you on your exams!

Bilymu Street said...

Those outfits make me speechless ;)

xx from France.