Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tights Tuesday

Maybe I'll make Tights Tuesday a thing during the school year. (Although, historically, it's always been Tall Socks Tuesday at my school, I doubt anyone will be continuing the tradition this year. You can probably expect me to attempt it once or twice though.)
Here's some tights I found browsing the Urban Outfitters website that I think are pretty sweet. The stars and stripes are thrown in just for fun - I think they're cute, but I'd probably never wear them if I had them. Where were they on the 4th of July?!
I'm looking forward to pulling my tights out again when it cools down. "Today's high is 91, right now it's 93" says the weatherman! Huh?


Viv said...

love the black with the hearts, could totally use those in my wardrobe!


Susanna-Cole said...

I have a love-hate relationship with tights that stems from when I was a little girl and took ballet lessons for 7 years, my last favorite part was wrestling my tights on that always seemed a little too, well, tight, and stripping them off as soon as I arrived home. I still don't find them all that comfortable, but they do look awfully nice most the time, and I love all the cute prints they come in, like these! I think the first floral pair and the blue striped ones are my favorites!

Thanks so much for your comment! ♥


Papillon Vintage said...

I simply love these tights!