Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get out of the city and into the sunshine

XL Target top as dress, polka dotted tank from the back of my closet, vintage belt, K-mart sandals, gifted ring

Impulsive Sunday afternoon rides to the mall, where nothing was bought, followed by three hour attempts to put up bizarre tents in the backyard, giving up and, upon finding that there actually aren't any graham crackers in the pantry, melting chocolate in the microwave to dip marshmellows in, and enjoying Izze's in the summer heat: a well-spent summer day.


The Fashion Seen said...

I like how you made the shirt dress more edgy by using the black accessories to contrast.


Polina said...

cute dress :)

Allison said...

those sandals look like quite a bargain.
k-mart you say?

Tenny said...

love outdoorsy(if that's a word) photos like this. So pretty. And also I really want an Izze right now. so so good

S + Y said...

Cute! I love using big shirts as dresses! (I am also 5'1 which helps too! haha ;)