Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Remix: cat print skirt

I'm so excited to show off my new skirt! I was trying to wait, but obviously that didn't really work out. I used it for the Chictopia/Teen Vogue Wardrobe Remix contest. I decided that instead of remixing something easy, like a white button up or a solid skirt, I’d go for a little more of a challenge. It’s totally crazy, but I think every piece in your closet should get equal attention – not just the easy ones. I’ve come up with three outfits using this skirt with three distinct looks. Be sure to comment and let me know which is your favorite and any other thoughts you have!

Look 1: Vintage
I paired the skirt with a soft vintage off-white blouse. When you have a funky print on bottom, it’s good to keep it simple on top so the look isn’t too overwhelming or cluttered. This top is basic but the ruffles and lace tie give the look a sweet, girly feel. I paired it with some brown flats because they pair nicely with the blouse and coordinate with some of the colors of the cats. Finally, I added a vintage watch with a black strap that subtly ties in with the black on the skirt and adds a nice touch to the outfit. I can imagine this being perfect for class or for a visit to the flea market.

Look 2: All Black
Here, I paired the skirt with a solid black t-shirt and cardigan. Again, it’s good to keep other things simple when you have a really crazy print on. I continued the solid black theme with always-in heels. Too keep all-black from looking stale, even with the added print, I also put on this vintage gold belt. It has a long, unusual buckle, but is still classic in gold, for the perfect finish. This look could be worn on a night out, or – with flats instead of heels – to class.

Look 3: Sweater
For this look, I paired the skirt with a super soft cream colored sweater. The sweater coordinates with the print of the skirt and gives the look a cozy feel. In order to keep it from being too boring, I added my father’s gold college class ring as a necklace, with a knot tied in the chain for more interest. Finally, I have gold studded black flats – it’s good to have two touches of gold when you have one, and they help tie the whole look together. This look is another one that’s perfect for class, but could be worn on many other occasions, from running errands to a coffee date.


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love the print on the skirt--it is so whimsical and cute!! and all three outfits are fantastic.

Diane said...

I'm a vintage kinda gal so I love the first look the best! Simple top + print skirt is always classic. Also, that cat skirt is just bomb-ass. I want a skirt like that!

Allison said...

I really like the second outfit! The belt is really awesome. Did you get it from your mom's closet? I'm so jealous.