Monday, September 7, 2009

New Feature: Cause of the Month

I am a member of - which is a site sort of like Myspace, but it helps you raise money for charity for free! It's really cool, and you should check it out. The way that it works is you put a "badge" on your blog, Myspace, Facebook, or any other website, and you get points every time some sees that badge. The points go towards a charity of your choice to get a donation! :)
(Let me know if you join and I'll be sure to add you as a friend! :D)

Anyways, there is a new feature on Blogger which allows you to put a gadget on your blog and have other people help you raise money! :D You just click on the gadget, watch a commercial (or I think you call them "adverts" in Europe, don't you?) and rate it afterwords. It takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes and makes a big difference!

This month, I have chosen charity: water as the cause of the month. Quote from their Socialvibe page:
charity: water is a non-profit providing safe clean drinking water to people in developing nations.
1 in 6 people on the planet don't have clean water to drink. Dirty water and a lack of basic sanitation kills 4,500 children every day. We're trying to change that.
Using photos and videos, we tell stories of people and communities that don't have clean water. We then offer simple ways to help. And 100% of the money we raise directly funds sustainable clean water projects in Africa, South Asia, and Central America. In less than two years, we have funded 633 water projects in 12 countires. Those projects will serve more than 250,000 people with clean water.

The reason I chose charity:water this month is because of their September campaign. For the past two years, in September, charity:water has asked everyone who has a September birthday to give up birthday gifts and instead ask for donations to charity:water.

My birthday is a September birthday, and while I'm not giving up all my gifts, I thought I'd ask you guys to help me celebrate my birthday with a donation! So please check out the gadget to the right of your screen, click on it, and help raise some funds! :D

More info on charity: water can be found at

P.S. My goal is to donate 100,000 gallons of water by the end of the month! Please help! Come by a few times a day if you can!


Anonymous said...

I think 1,000,000 might be tough but I'm glad to help a fellow Charity Water supporter.

Good luck,

Malicious Mallory said...

I agree, 1,000,000 is probably too much. I'm going to go for 100,000 instead. :p
Thank you! :D