Sunday, September 13, 2009

The best accessory...

My hair has always been my favorite feature, I love styling it all the time. However, I don't have an hour every morning to spend doing my hair anymore (I seriously used to though) So braids have become my new best friend!
Sure, they can be little-kiddy sometimes. But you just have to do it right. I usually will do my natural hair + braided bangs to get them out of my way, and/or sometimes just a small random braid on the side (hippie-style if you will). Sometimes I do a classic french braid, which is great when your hair looks like crap and you've only got 10 minutes. :)

Lately fishtails have been really intriguing, but I didn't know how to do them until today. So expect that to show up in my hair in the next week or two. :p

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And could someone explain to me what a "Dutch braid" is? I saw something about that when I was looking for pictures, but I've never heard of that!

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Sushi said...

I really love braids! All these plaits I'm seeing around is making me really REALLY want long hair! By the way, I am currently having a giveaway at my blog so come by and enter! x Sushi