Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today's Purchases

PacSun, PacSun, Delia*s, Forever21

I got a bunch more cute things at F21, but I couldn't find the pics on the website :(
One of the things I got includes my 1st day of school top! :) My school is a freak, so the 1st day - which is this Monday!! Aaah!! - isn't really a day. You just go for like 1 hour, get your books and "meet" your teachers (most of whom you already know) and then go to a meeting. So the 2nd day is like the 1st day. Therefore, you need TWO first day outfits!! It's quite the dilema. So I have decided upon a crappier outfit for Monday (a really cute top from F21, jeans, & some flats), and I'm still thinking about what to wear Tuesday.

P.S. Yeah, I'm totally broke now. :P

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