Friday, December 31, 2010


(via Elenita, Streetpeeper, Little Plastic Horses, Late Afternoon)
A few New Year's-y images before I start getting ready. I saw The Tourist yesterday and although the movie was just okay, the dresses were fantastic. Unfortunately, I don't think we're getting too dressed up tonight - but I'll probably over-dress just for fun as I like to do. And I do intend to at the very least have fancy hair. (I haven't used the new curling iron Santa gave me yet.)
Hope you guys enjoyed the little trip to the past in the last post as much as I did! Again, Happy New Year!


Taylor Shell said...

So sparkly :) My favorite outfit is the first one... just because it is outdoorsy chic!

Linton from London said...

Beautiful pics I'm loving the gold pants! Very nice
You have a lovely blog.

Hope you can look at my new blog and maybe we can follow each others blogs?

Happy New Year dear.

Rosa said...

Great inspiration :)

Kind of loving the shorts in the 3rd picture :p