Thursday, December 9, 2010

Late Fall

(Target v-neck and cardigan, Kimchi Blue lace skirt, Ann Marino heels, scarf "borrowed" from my mother)
It's a what-I-wore-today video! The song is "Boneless" by the Notwist. This scarf is fantastic; I don't intend to return it to my mother. Hopefully she'll forget that I borrowed it.
Although it is still technically fall, it doesn't seem like it anymore since we had that snow last week, and it's been unfathomably cold this week.
Also, I got a haircut yesterday - what do you think? I'll have to wash it and see how it does without blowdrying before I make up my mind.

1 comment:

purplegrape. said...

what a cute video!! I love your shoes! Thankyou for your sweet comment on zanita's blog! it's great to hear that your a vegan too :)

XX Yas