Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Layers and Blazers

Gabriella & Vanja Maria photographed by Eirik Slyngstad for The Streethearts
"Marlene Dietrich never shied away from a trouser suit, nor a blazer. The captivating Vanja likewise enjoys a well-tailored jacket. Here she references the British country ‘side by side’ with a 1950’s biker look. Her classic blazer becomes more interesting when she adds the twist of cardigans on top of the classic garment instead of on the inside, as most commonly worn. Enhancing her petit waist with a braided belt adds the attentiveness needed for the look." - Kristina Ketola on the middle look
I promise new outfit posts are coming soon. I went shopping at the new outlet mall yesterday, and found a bundle of lovely new things (including more pants! Not just pants, but jeans). Hopefully you'll see something tomorrow; if not, the day after. I'm trying!


Taylor Shell said...
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Taylor Shell said...

I love the first and second outfits! In the first outfit, the knee-high/tight things are just perfect. In the second outfit, I love the glasses and the sweaters OVER the blazer is such a cool idea! I love how they are tucked into the belt (which goes so well with the buttons on the jacket).

Okay, rant over. I can't wait to see your JEANS!

Emilie said...

those sunglasses are awesome!! Also I love the red turtleneck - little colour in winter is just what I need :p


Linton from London said...

I love it! Love the layering!!!