Monday, May 31, 2010

Class of 1980

On me: Nollie white v-neck shirt, really old American Eagle gray cardigan, DIY purple skirt, my dad's gold university class ring as a necklace
Last week I went over to Avery's house after school and we took some film pictures. They turned out really well! Something went wrong with the scanner, but here's a couple of the photos.
The purple skirt I'm wearing was given to me for a Halloween costume by my friend two years ago. It looked like this originally and was held up by that belt and safety pins because it was a size 12. So I cut it up and hemmed it and put two little darts in the back to make it fit my waist, and voila! What do you think?


paulinabelle said...

i really like the vintage feel to these photos, and you did a great job on the skirt!

becks317 said...

nooooo you cut up the skirt!