Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 3, 2010

H&M black skirt, Target black cardigan, my school's Key Club t-shirt, white Doc Martens

I'm a little upset that my headband didn't make it into these pictures, but not really. It's a cute black double headband. I didn't wear any tights today, even though we got a delay for snow. There wasn't really all that much snow, and I wasn't cold at all. I've got my tall socks and Docs to keep me warm. Yeah. It's 12:30 in the AM, and I am not pleased that I'm still awake, so I think I'll give up on homework now. I'm not getting home until 9pm or later every night this week, so there might be some lack of posting; I'm not sure though. Just a warning. Maybe I'll share some photos from the play later though. I've got a few good ones, and there'll be more.


Krislyn said...

love the top! can't believe it's your school's key club shirt! lol.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

love your docs, I've always wanted them in white xx

Lisette said...

Very nice <3

VintageGoa said...

Love your shirt and Docs:)