Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010

Gray/black sweater dress/tunic from Urban Outfitters, black slip from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 double buckle black belt, nude pantyhose, unseen black studded flats

Yeah, I was on the phone. Actually, I'm still on the phone. This is what I wore today. This dress is too big so it kept falling off my shoulders, and this is why I've never worn it before, even though I've had it for a year or two. But it's super comfy. I like it. Also, I wore a ring. But I was too lazy to find a necklace, the first one I tried didn't look good, so I gave up. Seriously, I'm literally gone for 12 hours a day at school/the play, so I really don't have the time or energy or motivation to make any effort.
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Lori said...

that sweater/dress looks so comfy